Everything I own

Can’t nobody fly with all that shit. 
Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.
                               ~ Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

Here’s what’s in my bags! Right now this is everything I own in the whole world and it doesn’t feel like much. But I suspect I’ll be reducing it by half again before the year is up.

note: Sorry, the images for this post were hosted online and have vanished 🙁

Left: Large backpack (to be checked) – 35 pounds
Center: Smaller backpack (carryon size) – 15 pounds
Right: Personal Item – 12 pounds
Contents of large pack

In the large packpack:


    • “No-no” bag (must be checked)
      • Barber Shears (taped)
      • Tide
      • Spare shampoo & conditioner
      • 2 Spare bottles of Dr. Bonner’s Lavender castille soap
      • Favorite Perfume
      • Spare tube of Garnier BB
      • Sunscreen (70+)
      • Downy wrinkle release
      • Toenail Clippers
      • Swiss Army Knife
    • Medium Stuff Sack (orange)
Contents of large pack, inner packagings opened up


      • Silk robe
      • Green casual sundress
      • Black/turqoise print sundress (day/evening)
      • Little Black evening dress
      • PinUpGirl Daisy dress in red gingham
    • Large roll-up vacuum bag


      • Pajama pants
      • Khaki hiking pants (snap off to shorts)
      • Black lightweight windproof pants
      • Black tank
      • Featherweight olive shell
      • Pink Icebreaker wool base layer (short sleeve)
      • Featherwight turquoise shell
      • lightweight purple T
      • White camp shirt (50spf, featherweight)
      • Black sleeveless ruffle blouse
    • Medium packing cube
      • tiny hairdryer
      • tiny curling iron
      • nail clippers & emery boards
      • XL travel towel (fast-drying, lightweight)
      • First aid kit (bandaids, ointment, Cipro, tylenol, Claritin, NyQuil & DayQyil caplets
      • Extra razor
      • Diva cup, cloth pad, birth control
      • Flavored body glitter (decanted into a soap box)
      • Lingerie – five portable surprises compressed into a stocking 😉
      • Hair clips, pony holders
      • Hair brush & retractible round blowdrying brush
This is probably a lot more jewelry than I need 🙁
      • Jewelry Clutch
        • 10 pair earrings
        • One necklace
        • One bracelet (there’s another in one of my shoes!)
        • Two 4GB memory cards
        • 64 GB thumb drive
    • Medium roll-up vacuum bag – warm gear for trekking
      • Warm long-sleeve pullover
      • Long-sleeve Icebreaker wool base layer
      • Wind breaking fleece jacket
      • Nylon water-resistant pants, lined
      • Three pair hiking socks, varying weights
      • Long johns
      • Long-sleeve layering top
      • (I will buy hat, gloves & Alpaca sweater in Peru)
Rubber bands are awesome for packing shoes tight!
There’s a pair of light tennies in the other pack,
and I’m wearing hiking boots

  • Large packing cube (I have foot issues, so shoes are important)
    • Comfort peep-toe pumps
    • Sport Sandals
    • Orthopedic flip-flops
    • Running/walking shoes
      • Cuff bracelet, bottle of perfume,
        and extra hair clips tucked inside
    • Extra laces for hiking boots
    • Two One knee braces
    • PacSafe luggage cable & lock (to secure back to bedframe, etc)
    • Personal massager
    • Headlamp
  • Tucked away in pockets
    • Two laundry bags
    • Extra pair of orthotic inserts
    • Monocular
    • Wrist brace
Contents of smaller pack

In the smaller carry-on size pack

    • Camelpack pocket
      • Platypus hydration bag
      • Envelope with variety of currencies and original birth certificate
    • Medium Stuff Sack
Smaller pack, fully  unloaded
      • Three pair white socks
      • Six pair panties
      • Black bra, beige bra, two sport bras
      • One-piece swimsuit
      • Bikini
    • Carry-on liquids bag (3-1-1)
All my makeup
    • Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Dr. Bonner’s Lavender Castille Soap
    • Eye makeup remover
    • perfume
    • Garnier BB
    • Benefit High Beam highlighter
  • Small packing cube (full change of clothes in case checked bag is delayed)
    • Lighweight high-performance rain jacket
    • Khaki hiking pants (roll & button to make capris)
    • Panties, sports bra
    • Gray tank
    • Black T-shirt
  • Silver square bag (non-liquid shower items)
    • Facial cloths
    • Bar soap
    • Deoderant
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste
    • Razor
    • Q-tips
    • Shampoo/conditioner bar (Godiva by Lush)
  • Gold makeup bag
    • 10 eye pencils (mostly UD 24/7)
    • 6 brushes
    • Urban Decay shadows in Midnight Cowgirl & Buck
    • 2 mascara
    • One powder
    • Nars blush in Orgasm
    • 5 lip color (three are dupes of a discontinued red, have to carry them!)
    • NYX glitter in Mayan gold
In the Personal Items bag (goes under seat in front of me on plane)
Contents of “personal item” tote bag. My purse goes inside.
  • Laptop
  • Purse (including Kindle, glasses, sunglasses, passports, etc)
  • Lightweight sweater
  • Neoprene bag with camera, charging cables
  • Inflatable travel pillow
  • not shown: Protein Bars
To wear on the plane:
  • Hiking Boots
  • Socks
  • Featherweight blouse
  • Black hiking capris
  • Bra, no underwires, and panties
Thats it! Everything I own. There are books & movies on the Kindle, and… well, that’s it. I hope to wind up with just the smaller backpack eventually and nothing to check, but…. we’ll see!

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