So you want to be a digital nomad? Here’s how.

I’ve gotten a couple of requests for some concrete information on how to nomad recently.

I’ve always wanted to write a comprehensive article on the topic, because all in all it’s so much simpler than I thought it was going to be. So I wrote it.

I’m stashing most of my ‘practical advice’ type articles over at Indie Travel Guru these days, so I posted it over there. Here’s a link to the whole shebang.

How to Become a Digital Nomad: Everything You Need To Know

I haven’t done a great job of announcing the Indie Travel Guru site. It’s my pet project, a magazine-style site featuring all my practical travel advice, plus other writers whose work grabs me. I’m quite the proud mama, I love the way the Guru is coming together.

This site, The Soul of a Journey, will continue to be a blog of my personal journey as a nomad (all about me, my travels, my ponderings, my growth), while Indie Travel Guru is all about you; it’s where I offer inspiration and advice to other travelers.

Give it a follow on Facebook if you like!

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