I got your “midlife” right here.

I got your “midlife” right here.

Middle Aged. Mature. Midlife. Menopausal. Matronly. Stodgy words that wear sensible shoes and clutch their pearls.

I got your “midlife” right here. I am the un-matron, bitches.

There’s no way to even TALK about being 40 or 50 without first having to get past all the baggage attached to the vocabulary. It’s taken for granted that at this age, we’re no longer juicy, sexy, adventurous, or full of life and laughter. By my math, my adult life is only half over. I’m nowhere near ready to slow down. I’ve barely begun.

On a related note, why is it labeled a ‘crisis’ when anyone over the age of 39 has a good time?

I want a new word, one that carries the gravitas of my years of experience  but still lets me be vibrant, sexual, filled with energy, and open to new experiences. Any ideas?


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