Raising funds to take the kids shopping

It’s on!

I’ve set up a Fundrazr page to raise the money to take the kids from Casa de Milagros shopping for shoes and clothes.

Mama Kia, the founder, passed away in 2010 and the home struggled to stay open. However, it has found leadership and a new location and is still serving 22 kids. Some of the kids are now growing to adulthood and moving on into adult lives.


The kids at this children’s home come from backgrounds of abuse, trauma and abandonment. At Casa de Milagros, they are raised to adulthood in a stable group environment, with tons of love.

The director of Casa de Milagros recommended a budget of about $100USD per child, so I’m attempting to raise $2200. I’ll be taking the kids shopping in batches of 5 or 6 at a time, and I promise to post pictures and updates.

So, if you’re interested in making a donation, you know that you’ll be seeing EXACTLY how your money gets spent.

My early donors have been extremely generous, but even $5 helps. To make a donation quickly & easily, visit the Fundrazr page for this project. 

To learn more about Casa De Milagros, visit their website.


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