Feeling incredibly blessed

I left Iceland early this morning and watched the sun rise from the plane, as the sky around me turned blue and puffy white clouds formed from the mist around me. Now I am tucked away in a tiny apartment in Paris. I’ve  already had a walk around the neighborhood (lots of shops, cafes and restaurants all around me), stocked the kitchen with bread, cheese, and wine and, and enjoyed a nap in the cozy warm bed. I can hardly wait to explore Paris tomorrow!

I will pretty much be living in this warm cozy bed for the next week, with a plate of cheese and a glass of wine, whenever I’m not out exploring.

I’m already looking ahead at Granada. I can get there for less than $150 if I fly to Madrid and then take the bus, and I can get a lovely room in the city center for $18 a night or less. I feel like I’ve unlocked the secrets of the universe! This life is SO much less expensive, and more carefree than my life at home. The *only* difficult part was figuring out how to earn a living on the road — although since I don’t have car payments, gasoline, insurance, home and yard upkeep, utility bills, etc. I can easily live on half what I could at home. I want to shout from the rafters and free people! I strongly believe that anyone, given the 10 years of planning time I gave myself, can find a way to earn $1500-2000 a month remotely and do what I’m doing. I realize that not everyone WANTS to do what I’m doing. Everyone has their own dream, and some people draw their joy in life from roots, family, home ownership, etc. I completely respect that.

But so many people still tell me they’re jealous of me, that I’m living their dream, that I’m “lucky.” If they only knew how easy it all is! The “how to run away from home” book needs to be moved closer to the top of writing projects, I think.

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