Granada: The Hammam

Granada: The Hammam

I just had my first Hammam (Turkish/Arabic bath) experience and wanted to share it with you. I wasn’t allowed to take my camera with me, so I’ve gathered photos from around the web. We visited Hammam Andalus, one of the two working Hammams in Granada. It’s located at the foot of the Alhambra, at the edge of the old Moorish neighborhood.

The spaces are gorgeous, full of tile, pillars, and flickering candles in Moroccan lanterns. The whole atmosphere is designed for tranquility and beauty.

This is the waiting area. At this hammam, you wear a swimsuit. Men and women bathe together here. That’s not typical of most hammams, but very nice if you’re a couple wanting to share the experience.
There are three pools: a small, icy cold one. This giant warm pool, and the hot pool in the next photo. There’s also a steam room, with the thickest steam ever. I could barely see my hand in front of my face in there!


This is the hot pool. It’s not really very hot — nothing like a Western hot tub. I’ve had hotter baths at home. But soooo beautiful and relaxing, and lots of room to spread out.

We had booked 15 minute massages. They were pleasant but a little too gentle for my tastes. In all, we had 90 minutes to wander between the tubs, showers and steam room. Hot sweet tea and cool water were provided for us. All the spaces were absolutely gorgeous, stunningly lit, and smelled fantastic.

After cooling off in the icy cold pool, we went to this relaxation room. I stretched out on that stone in the center of the room and discovered it is heated! I lounged there like a happy lizard until we were ready to take one final shower and leave the Hammam.

On the way home, we grabbed some tapas (tiny baby squid, fried, one of my new favorites) and a beer. It was a delightful afternoon.

If I were going again, I would bring a little shampoo and a styling brush instead of just my purse brush (they provide hairdryers). I would probably skip the so-so massage and have the exfoliation treatment instead, or just lounge in the pools. I found it really impossible to tip the staff, since I was in my swimsuit the whole time. I’m not even sure how that would be done!

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