Salchipapas, Lauren Style

Salchipapas, Lauren Style

You’ll find Salchipapas on children’s menus, and as a bar snack,  all over Ecuador (and Peru). There’s even a salchipapas stand on my street most nights!

Right on my street!

So what is it? French fries with sausage. Served with ketchup, mayonnaise, and/or a homemade salsa of tomatoes and red onions. It looks like this:

salchipapas4When Craig and I finally ordered some, in a bar one night, we were a little disappointed.

I felt like I’d like this dish more if the potatoes were panfried with the sausage, so they’d take on more flavor. I also wanted to add  red onions into the skillet.

So, tonight, I gave my recipe a try. I heated a little olive oil in the skillet, added sliced sausage. potato pieces (skin on) and a little red onion, sauteed it, without turning too often until the potatoes turned golden and the onions started to caramelize. Topped just with salt and pepper.


It’s pretty tasty!


DSC02456This is something I would definitely make again, especially if I had kids to feed (though I’d leave the onions out for most kids. Or for Craig.)

Recognizing that this isn’t exactly health food, I plated it up with lots of sliced tomatoes and a fistful of Inca Berries, which are supposed to be some kind of crazy superfood and should balance out the sausage,  leaving my cancer risk back where it started.

I thought you might be curious about the inca berries, so i sliced one and got a picture. They’re related to tomatillos, and range from sweet to extremely tart (the littler ones are sweeter.) They’re pretty good in a fruit salad topped with ice cream (common dessert here) or just tossed in a green salad. I think you can buy them dried in some grocery stores back home.




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