Saturday Afternoon in Cartagena

Today I went out for a little exercise & exploration, and brought my camera along so I could share with you. Here’s what I saw!

NOTE: If you click on on of the pictures, you will get a much bigger photo view, BUT you won’t get to see the video clip that is my favorite part of this post, AND you lose the captions! So be sure you come back to this view after you look at the photos!
Juicy Botero statue in the square by my house

Another angle of the Botero – love those toes!
In front of my house. See the legs of the man sitting on the doorstep on your right? That’s my doorstep. Where you can see the red patio umbrella over people’s heads on the right is the beginning of the Plaza Santo Domingo.
I am such a fan of balcony flowers!
Typical street here in the Old City. This is the path I take to the sea for my daily constitutional. Also the only way I know how to go so far without getting lost.
I am in love with these vines trained as trees!
This is what all the street signs look like. Colorful tiles on walls at each corner.
Where the street meets the wall. Today there was a whole string of carriages, that’s not typical. Probably tourists from a docked cruise ship? That’s a University they’re taking pics of.
The wall. Note the people sitting in the arches.
The wall arches are popular for cannoodling.
Also for solitude.
Occasionally there are doorways in the wall. See the Caribbean on the other side?
Here are the steps I use to mount the wall.
And the view as I walk along it. This is my fitness track.
Occasionally there are these guard boxes along the wall.
Still on top of the wall! It widens in spots like this.
Locals enjoying the water.
We are still on top of the wall. It widens out into a little plaza here.
People think I’m fearless, but I am afraid to go in that tunnel!
What is this? A ramp leading downward to a dark doorway?
“Museum of the Fortifications.” Should I go in?
Is that really the door to a museum? Should I really go in there?
After paying a guard 8,000 pesos ($4) I am allowed to walk down some creepy metal stairs into what looks like a dungeon. No one else in sight.
One creepy doorway after another. I’ve been purposely avoiding the nearby Museum of the Inquisition until Craig gets here, thinking it would be too scary to enjoy alone. I am thanking myself for that right now!
Wow. It’s so peaceful here. Like… a tomb.  Like…death.
Like… right before the mummy attacks!
I took this video clip so we could totally share the experience!
Fun, huh?
Ahh, finally some other people!
The way out. Yeah, those are the stairs I came in on. /heebiejeebie
Back out in the sunshine. YAY!
I think I was standing in this very spot when I fell in love with Cartagena.

Missed the turn by my house! Wound up in this park dedicated to  Simón Bolívar. If  you don’t know who he is, don’t bother coming to South America. By this time I was HOTTTT, luckily there are vendors who sell water, beer, soft drinks and ice cream in the park.
Happily headed home with my water, but then the sound of this Caribbean band drew me further down the street.
I really loved that this was a mixed-gender group! They had a great sound, too.

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  • Joanne

    May 19, 2013 at 2:40 am

    I think I would enjoy walking “for exercise” with such vistas!